Globally integrated business

More than 35 years of dedication to quality, service and pursuit of excellence, CHEMO was founded by Hugo Sigman, M.D., and Silvia Gold, Biochemist, in Spain (Barcelona), in 1977, and starts business activities trading with pharmaceutical raw materials. In the 80's, the company expanded its operations into the Industrial Business, developing and manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in Italy (Industriale Chimica) and in Spain (Quimica Sintetica).

In the 90's, CHEMO starts developing and manufacturing high quality and technology finished dosage forms (FDFs). In 1995, the pharmaceutical facility located in Spain, Liconsa, starts manufacturing a diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical products for a wide variety of therapeutic areas and in various dosage forms, based on oral and inhalation drug delivery technologies.

In 2003, CHEMO diversifies its business activities into the field of sales and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, with strong focus on the Women´s Healthcare. Within a short period of time, the company expanded its Branded Business through agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies, which culminates in a consolidated overseas commercial presence in Europe, Latin America, U.S. and Asia-Pacific. 

CHEMO reinforce its market position into the Industrial Business with a new opening in Spain, in 2005, a new manufacturing facility (Leon Farma) fully devoted to high-quality pharmaceutical specialties based on hormone active ingredients.

In 2006, Vetpharma, a CHEMO`s company specialized in animal health; starts business activities in Spain (Barcelona).

In 2008, CHEMO enters Biotech Business. Further, in 2012 launches mAbxience, a biotech company engaged in research, development a manufacturing of biosimilars.

In 2013, Chemo Pharmaceutical Group Boosts its Branded Business with the Creation of Exeltis, the new brand worldwide of this area of pharmaceutical business of Chemo, that emerges as a result of the natural evolution and sustained growth of the activity of the Group in this area. It combines over 35 years of the Group's knowledge and experience with an innovative spirit, diversity and excellence as major values.

Today, CHEMO is an international group that develops, manufactures and sells active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations. It has a direct presence in more than 40 countries, and a wide-ranging portfolio of brands, joint ventures, and industrial facilities. With headquarters in Madrid, the company is under the leadership of Leandro Sigman, Hugo and Silvia’s eldest son.



mAbxience adquires 100% of biopharmaceutical company Genhelix 

mAbxience, a company specialised in biosimilar medicines development and manufacturing that belongs to Spanish-based Chemo Group, has purchased 100% of the Genhelix biopharmaceutical plant, located in León. The operation is one of the biggest investments ever made by a Spanish company in a biotechnology project, for a purchase price of 10 million euros. With the incorporation of Genhelix, the Chemo Group is strengthening its global presence in Spain, where it already had commercial offices in Barcelona and Madrid, R&D centres in Azuqueca de Henares and León, and manufacturing plants in Alcalá de Henares, Azuqueca de Henares and León. This represents its first industrial presence in Spain in the area of biosimilar medicines. mAbxience also owns the PharmADN and Sinergium Biotech plants, both located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Exeltis acquires 100% of the turkish company Embil

Exeltis, a branch of the pharmaceutical Grupo Chemo, has acquired 100% of the Turkish pharmaceutical Embil.The deal is the biggest acquisition ever by Exeltis abroad.It also represents the entry of the Spanish company into Turkey, a market of great potential due to its population and its high proportion of young people (nearly a third are under 15 years of age). The deal is part of Exeltis's Strategic Plan that aims to consolidate its international development. Following its acquisitions in India, Indonesia and the United States, the company already has a presence in more than 40 countries, thanks to 30 subsidiaries in key markets and its extensive global manufacturing network in Europe, America and Asia.


Chemo Pharmaceutical Group Boosts its Branded Business with the creation of Exeltis

Exeltis has been created as the result of the natural evolution and sustained growth of the branded pharmaceutical business of Chemo, a health sciences group. With a presence in over 40 countries, 4,000 employees, more than 30 affiliates around the world, and a global manufacturing network in Europe, America and Asia, it is being launched with the goal of becoming a leader in the pharmaceutical sector.

Chemo renews the ISO 14001 environmental for its pharmaceutical plant in Leon

The CHEMO pharmaceutical group renewed the ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification for its pharmaceutical plant in León. The certificate has been issued by the certifying body Bureau Veritas, world leader in conformity assessment and certification, after successfully passing the audit accrediting good practices and correct implementation of the Environmental Management System at the facilities where the group's pharmaceutical products are manufactured in the town of Villaquilambre in León.

Libbs and mAbxience sign agreement for biosimilars in Brazil

Libbs Farmacéutica and mAbxience, a biotechnology company from the Chemo Group, signed an agreement in Brasilia on licensing and technology transfer covering various monoclonal antibodies developed by mAbxience.



Acquisition in India

CHEMO takes control of Ordain Health Care in India, company reference in one of the most important emerging markets with the highest growth rate in the pharmaceutical sector. Ordain is located in Chennai, formerly Madras, in the southeast of the country, one of the most important pharmaceutical districts of India.

CHEMO celebrates its 35th Anniversary

June 23rd commemorates the 35th anniversary of the founding the company by Dra. Silvia Gold y el Dr. Hugo Sigman in Barcelona (Spain) in 1977, 35 years marked by strong growth, diversification, search of new business opportunities, innovation, excellence performance and deep social commitment.

CHEMO consolidates business in Latin America

Acquires 50% of Laboratorios de Productos Eticos C.E.I.S.A., leading pharmaceutical company in Paraguay, ranked among top 5 companies in the local market. This acquisition reinforces CHEMO`s market position in Latin America and Eticos becomes an strategic asset for the industrial business.

mAbxience, new company focused on biotechnology

mAbxience is the natural result of CHEMO`s growth and evolution, that is committed to innovation to offer new and better therapeutic solutions in our references fields to wide range diseases, and is engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of bio-tech pharmaceutical products for wide range diseases.


CHEMO received GMP certification for China facility

CHEMO`s chemical manufacturing facility located in China (Gold Pharma)  is GMP  "Good Manufacturing Practice" certified by the Spanish Health regulatory Agency (AEMPS), first European regulatory agency to visit the facility, together with positive inspections of several international agencies (TGA, FDA and KFDA).

CHEMO host Forum of Leading Companies of Castilla-Leon

The company host the plenary meeting of the Forum of Leading Companies of Castilla-Leon at its hormonal facility in Leon. This forum is an initiative promoted by the Castilla-Leon Regional Government to support regional business excellence.


CHEMO enters the American market

Acquires 98,8% of Everett Laboratories, leading American pharmaceutical company in the prescription brand vitamin and mineral supplement segments, becoming one of the first Spanish pharmaceutical companies to establish itself in the U.S. market.

CHEMO gets FDA approval for Liconsa

Gets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its manufacturing facility Liconsa, located in Spain to market its pharmaceutical products in U.S. Terbinafine tablets will be the first medicine that the company plans to market and is expected to be available during 2010.

CHEMO launches new corporate identity

The company has announced the official launch of its new corporate identity to reflect the company`s evolution and a strong visual unity to branding across the pharmaceutical value chain.


CHEMO grows in Latin America

Acquires 70% of Altian Pharma, leading pharmaceutical company in the Central American countries, with headquarters in Guatemala and a strong presence in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Dominican Republic.


CHEMO gets FDA approval for Leon Farma

Gets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorization to initiate hormonal products commercialization in the American market, manufactured in Leon pharmaceutical facility, specialized in women`s healthcare products: oral hormonal contraceptives (OHC) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


Chemo celebrates its 30th Anniversary

More than 30 years of dedication to quality, service and pursuit of excellence, CHEMO was founded by Dra. Silvia Gold and Dr. Hugo Sigman in Barcelona (Spain), in 1977, and starts business activities trading with active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Chemessentia, new corporate R&D center

In 2006 CHEMO inaugurated Chemessentia, a corporate R&D centre specialized in the research and development of pharmaceutical active ingredients, located in Italy (Novara).

Vetpharma, new company specialized in animal health

In 2006, Vetpharma starts business activities in Spain (Barcelona). The company is engaged in the registration and commercialisation of active principles, veterinary specialities, generic medicines in and feed additives for animal nutrition.


CHEMO inaugurates Leon manufacturing facility

Reinforces its existing market position into the pharmaceutical business with the opening of a new facility located in Leon (Spain), Leon Farma, fully devoted to the scientific research, development and manufacturing of high quality pharmaceutical specialties based on hormone active ingredients, used in oral hormonal contraceptives (OHC) or in hormone replacement treatments (HRT).


International Expansion

New era at CHEMO characterized by a dynamic growth through corporate acquisitions and joint ventures agreements with industry leading companies. 

Branded Business

In year 2003, CHEMO diversify its activities through the acquisition of 50% of Effik, and gets involved in sales and marketing of medicines. Today the company markets more than 200 added-value medicines in all mayor therapeutics, with strong market position on women´s healthcare.


CHEMO inaugurates Azuqueca de Henares facility

The pharmaceutical facility located in Azuqueca de Henares (Spain), Liconsa, starts operations manufacturing a diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical products for a variety of different therapeutic areas (anti-ulcer drugs, antimicotics, antihistamines and respiratory drugs) and in various dosage forms, based on controlled-release, osmotic and dry powder inhalers formulations.


New chemical facility in Spain

CHEMO strengths its manufacturing capabilities with the opening of new multi-purpose chemical facility in Spain, Quimica Sintetica, located in Alcalá de Henares.


CHEMO inaugurates new manufacturing facility in Saronno, Italy

The chemical facility located in Saronno (Italy), Industriale Chimica, starts operations in the scientific research, development and manufacturing of hormonal active ingredients.


Barcelona, 1977

CHEMO was founded by Hugo Sigman, M.D., and Silvia Gold, Biochemist, who are husband and wife. In 1977, they opened an office in Barcelona, and launched the pharmaceutical business under the brand name Chemo.